Номінація 1: Найкращі




Щиро дякую учням, а також батькам, які протягом навчального року виконували усі вимоги вчителя:

  • Завжди своєчасно і якісно виконували домашні завдання, навіть коли пропускали заняття
  • Користувались сучасними технологіями (користувались електронним щоденником та електронною поштою, друкували творчі роботи, слухали аудіо)
  • Бережливо відносилися до додаткових матеріалів, створених вчителем.


Номінація 2: Найкраще портфоліо


Номінація 3: Проекти

(«Домівка», «Незвичайна тварина», «Родинне дерево», «Цікава особистість», «Відео про сезони»)
Пропоную переглянути найкращі з проектів. Дуже шкода що немає можливості опублікувати всі проекти, оскільки не отримую їх у електронному вигляді.

THE MOST DANGEROUS SNAKE: researched by Ivan Onishenko, 5b


There are many exotic creatures on our planet. I want to tell about snake Taipan. It is the most dangerous snake, because it is very poisonous, fast and very aggressive. Its bite can lead to death in 4-12 hours.

They are reptiles because they lay eggs and can’t fly. They usually have from 12 to 20 eggs. Taipan’s babies are more dangerous than their parents because they can’t control their poison. They weigh about 600 grams.

THE TALLEST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD: Researched by Maria Olsht, 5c


There are many animals in the world. I want to tell about giraffes. It is the tallest animal - giraffes can be 6 meters tall.

Giraffes are mammals, because they have babies and feed them on milk. The baby giraffe is called a calf. Baby giraffes can stand within half an hour and after only 10 hours can run with their family. Newborns are about 2 m tall and weigh 70 kg.

THE MOST EXOTIC CREATURE: Researched by Anastasia Bychenko, 5d

Leafy Seadragon

There are many exotic animals on our planet. I want to tell you about the leafy seadragon. It is the most exotic animal because it looks like a twig. It is a fish so it lives in water. The leafy seadragons lay eggs. The color of the eggs changes from pink to orange or purple. Finally the young leafy seadragons appear from the eggs. They are about 20 cm long.

The length of the body of this fish is usually 35 centimeters. It lives along the southern and western coasts of Australia. It lives in coral reefs at a depth of 4 to 20 meters. The leafy seadragon loves a moderate temperature and sea plants. They usually live alone. Leafy seadragon is a real predator! It eats other fish which are smaller than it. He hasn’t got many teeth so it swallows its food. Try to imagine he eats 3000 shrimps a day! They live for about 4-5 years.

THE MOST POISONOUS ANIMAL: Researched by Luba Popkova, 5d


There are many animals on the Earth. There are mammals – they have babies and feed then on milk – they are dolphins, kangaroos, koalas, cows, lions. There are reptiles – they lay eggs but they can't fly – they are alligators, crocodiles, snakes. There are insects – they are small creatures with 2 pairs of wings and 6 legs – they are flies, butterflies, ladybirds. They are birds – they lay eggs and usually can fly – they are geese, owls, parrots, eagles. There are fish, they are sharks and others fish.

There are many small creatures on our planet. I want to tell you about amphibian. It is the most poisonous animal. The most poisonous amphibians are tree-frogs. You will ask - Why? The local call it “Kokoi”. One tree-frog can give poison for 50 arrows; 2 milligrams can kill one person. Father tree-frog almost always releases children in such a pond where other tadpoles of tree-frogs of older age already live. And this is very, very dangerous. These frogs are cannibals, so the elders can eat junior.

MY FAMILY TREE: Renata Ituarova, 5c

I think my family is quite large. I made a family tree where you can see 35 relatives. There are 5 generations of my family in my family tree. My nearest and dearest are my parents: my father Artem, aged 31 and my mother Alina, aged 31. I have also got a younger brother. His name is Myhail and he is a funny baby. My mother has got a sister and a brother. My father has got a brother and two sisters. They are my aunt and my uncles. They are single, but my mother’s sister has got a daughter Anhelina. She is my cousin and my parents’ niece. I have got 3 grandmothers and 3 grandfathers – they are my parents’ parents. I know all my great-grandparents. I also know 12 of my great- great-grandparents. It’s a pity but some of them are not alive, but I think we must know and remember them.

DETACHED HOUSE FOR SALE: Artem Kravchenko, 5d

For Sale: $1600000
Address: 17, Street Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona

This house looks like a ball. It is not far from the city center. There is a large garage behind the house. There is a wonderful garden with the football field on the first half of the garden. There is a swimming-pool on the second half of the garden. There are three floors in the house. There are six pretty bedrooms with each a TV-set, a bathroom, two wardrobes and some armchairs. There are for huge kitchens and a large dining-room. There are two large studies with the desks big bookcases and many others things. There are many bathrooms each with a large bath, a toilet and a shower. There are three spacious living-rooms each with a sofa, a TV-set, a rug, a fireplace and some cabinets. There is a big gym on the ground floor. There are many training apparatuses there. And there are many others room in this house.