LONG-AWAITED RESULTS: Translators’ Contest

The second prize for the translation of "Розкажу тобі думку таємну" is awarded to Maxim Selivanovsky, 11a


Ira D.:
Maxim Selivanovsky translated the poem into English. To my mind it is hard to pick up the rhyme and convey the meaning in English. But I think Maxim got it right. My favorite line, that conveys the theme of the poem is “But the flame in my heart never dies”

Olga B.:
There was a big variety of poetries and it was hard to choose the best ones. But my choice is the poetry written by Maxim Selivanivskiy "I can tell you the secret idea". I liked the way he showed us the main motive of his composition. The text was poetic and there were a lot of epithets that emphasize the beauty of the main idea. I like the work that was done by Max.

LONG-AWAITED RESULTS: Translators’ Contest

The third prize for the translation of "Розкажу тобі думку таємну" is awarded to Valeryi Dychakovsky, 11a


Valera Dychakovskiy gets a special prize from Anastasia in nomination “The most intimate letter”.

Marina thinks that Dychakovkiy V. has not only beautifully translated the poem, but also has added the sincere thoughts of his soul.

Olga B. is sure that the most romantic, sophisticated describtion of thoughts was found in the poetry of V. Dychakivskiy "A secret thought". She has the feeling that he has lived through all these experiences by himself. Very touching.

LONG-AWAITED RESULTS: Translators’ Contest

The third prize for the translation of NOTHING TWICE is awarded to IRINA STEPANOVA, 10b


The most tender and beautiful translation

In Ira’s verse there is a correspondence of the form to the idea, stylistics, the integrity of the text.

Ira D.:
Ira`s translation is worthy to be on the first place. She conveyed closely the meaning of this poem, she made a good rhyme and thanks to it the poem sounds melodic. Also Ira used art means such as “Уходящие дни почему же/Оставляют на сердце печаль? “, “Ценим разные дни как хрусталь.” to make her translation more beautiful.

Julia K.:
Recently translation contest was held, where everybody could participate. Waiting for results I decided to choose the winners by myself. Of course, I don’t impose anyone my views. I noticed a lot of good translations of the poem '' Nothing Twice''. I reread the poems of all students and I’d like to praise the best.
Ira Stepanova used cross-rhyme. Its translation is really literary. If I did not know that this is translation, I thought that it is her poem. I do not know why, but I liked these lines:
… Уходящие дни почему же
Оставляют на сердце печаль?
От повторов не будет ли хуже?
Ценим разные дни как хрусталь.

Maria K.:
The translation of the poem written by Ira Stepanova is good. It has rhyme, but, alas, the meaning of author's words is distorted in the last line.

WE COMMENT: Maria’s poetry

Reviewed by Ira S.
Maria’s poetry was fine! I liked these lines:
И даже если ты глупец,
Попал у Бога под раздачу,
Это дороги не конец.
Жизнь - чистовик, нет права пересдачи.

WE COMMENT: Masha’s poetry

Reviewed by Ira S.
I want to mention Masha’s translation. These lines are very emotional for me:

Зачем небрежно тратишь ты
Часы, минуты и года.
Ничто не сможешь сохранить
Уйдёт сегодня навсегда!

Reviewed by Vlad L.
When I began reading all this translations, my eye fell on Mahsa’s one. I really like the way she translated this poem. Also I have chosen my favorite line:

Ничего не случается дважды.
Ничто момент не повторит
И грусть грызёт меня о нем.
Пришли сюда случайно мы
Не научившись и уйдём.


Reviewed by Nastya
It is the most gentle senkan.

WE COMMENT: Julia K.’s poetry

Reviewed by Ira S.
I enjoyed Yulia’s poem. I liked this verse:

Нет дня - двойника вчерашнего,
Нет двух ночей похожих,
Не расскажут таких же секретов.
Не упускай свой шанс и ты всё сможешь!!!

WE COMMENT: Marina’s poems

Reviewed by Ivan
Marina’s translation is the best.

Reviewed by Nastya
Marina’s translation is the most expressive

Reviewed by Lera
The deepest


Reviewed by Ivan
Julia’s translation is really talented.

Reviewed by Nastya
Translation by Yulia R.has good rhyme

Reviewed by Lera
The most accurate