Seventh form pupils won their first million

POETRY CONTEST: A. Golovchenko, 7a

Alice Golovchenko and Roman Bryzhaty were awarded the second prize for the ART OF RECITATION with the poem SAILING

POETRY CONTEST: A. Bobrova, 7c

Alexandra Bobrova was awarded the third prize FOR ORIGINALITY AND ARTISTIC ABILITY with the poem HOMEWORK, OH, HOMEWORK


Are You in Favour of Or Against Legalization of Euthanasia?


Are Men Superior to Women?


FASHION: A. Sidorchuk, 11a

Style - is a way to say who you are without saying a word
Written by Anastasia Sidorchuk, 11b

“Style - is a way to say who you are without saying a word”.

Rachel Zoe, stylist

I can call myself a fashion-conscious girl, but not a fashion victim. Like any other girl of my age, I enjoy novelties in the fashion industry, new collections of famous designers and trends of the coming season. However, it doesn’t mean that my wardrobe accommodates only designer items. I think that “be fashionable” doesn’t mean “wear designer clothes”. You can spend a fortune on expensive items, but still be the dough in the bag. And you can spend money wisely, placing the right priorities, and look like a bonbon. It’s important for you to feel confident in what you are wearing. I always choose an outfit which suits my personality. And it’s likely to look pretty good, nobody complains.

FASHION: M. Gritsenko, 11b

Wedding in "Alice in Wonderland" Style – Fantastic Madness!
Designed by Marina Gritsenko, 11b

I want to present you two unusual looks of bride and fiancé.
First of all, pay attention to the girl. She is wearing a knee-high white dress. A huge violet bow on the waist perfectly jazzes up the look. The white shoes are combined with gaiters with violet laces, which are styled with a bow.
As for the boy, he is wearing a white formal shirt, which is completed with a tailored two-piece suit. His trousers are knee-high. His striped panty hose makes the outfit more interesting. It perfectly matches the girl's bow. What about accessory? A fashionable bow-tie adds real style to the look!

FASHION: V. Dychakovskiy, 11a

Valeryi Advises
Written by Valery Dychakovsky, 11a

“Over the years, I have learned that important in a dress – is the woman who is wearing it.”

Yves Saint-Laurene

It’s no doubt, that today our outlook plays an important role in our life. We want to be more fashionable and respectable.
As for me I’m not a fan of up-to-date clothes, brands, labels. To tell the truth I always want to be in style but I’m not a fashion victim. To my mind, it’s better to wear what makes you feel good rather than what the fashion magazine say. On the other hand, I always look for clothes which suit me and my figure.

FASHION: A. Udotov, 11a

My Attitude to Fashion
Written by Andrew Udotov, 11a

Nowadays fashion occupies an important place in our life. So, it’s impossible to ignore it.
I cannot say that I am a fashion victim. Moreover, I always choose something that will fit and suit me, not cause it’s just fashionable. I also don’t care if someone wears something similar to me. It’s not horrible to have the same taste with someone. Furthermore, it might be easier to communicate with this “someone”. On the other hand, at the same time I hate mass-produced clothes, cause they might kill our individuality. I never flick through magazines to see the latest trends, but in my opinion, when you’re young, you should try as many styles as possible. People definitely judge others by the way they look, but don’t forget, that people will notice if you feel uncomfortably in your clothes. So, I always wear something that makes me feel good rather than what the fashion magazines say. I just want to convince people, that firstly I have my own taste and secondly, my choice doesn’t cause me problems.
All in all, I can say, that I am always trying to be in style and to make people see it. Everyone should have his own fashion.