Казимир Дар'я - фіналіст програми FLEX 2016-2017

Two amazing month in the US passed. I believe, I arrived here just few days ago, but my calendar refuses to understand it and says that the 27th of July, when my airplane took off for my last flight to Chattanooga, TN, was long ago.
I never thought, that my life can change so drastically. A year ago, when I was full of dreams and perseverance, I couldn't even imagine, that my life and me, both of us, will be so different.
Dreams always come true when you fight for them. Sometimes you may be just lucky enough to have new changes, while others really deserve these opportunities. No matter how it happens, YES, dreams do come true!
I can and need to be

thankful. To be thankful not to myself, families, destiny, but to the @flexprogram Without their chances and support I will never be here, I will never go to American school, I will never meet my second family, I will never find second home, I will never speak another language for such a long time, I will never try peanut batter & jelly sandwich and of course I will never be so young but so grown-up in my 15. Though it is not a Thanksgiving Day yet, it is Flex Appreciation Day 2016!  Thank You FLEX!